Ultrasonic Leak Surveying

What is Ultrasonic Leak Surveying?

Ultrasonic Leak Surveying is a predictive maintenance/energy conservation technology used to locate leaks, detect electrical emissions and to inspect mechanical conditions in operating equipment. Instruments based on this technology receive high frequency sounds that are above human perception (20 kHz-100 kHz) and electronically translate these signals down into the audible range where they can be heard through headphones and seen as intensity increments on a meter or display panel.

Applications include compressed air, compressed gas, steam, vacuum, electrical, lubrication and mechanical defects. Every leak located creates dollars saved! Ultrasonic surveys typically save clients on average $5,000-$100,000/year in reduced runtime, maintenance costs and energy consumption.

How much money are you losing?

Just because you can not hear a leak does not mean they don’t exist. Compressed air plays a vital role in today’s manufacturing facilities, agricultural equipment, process control systems, sealing and robotics.

Ultrasound can be used for electrical inspections, lubrication, compressed air/gas/water/hydraulic leaks, valve inspections, electric overhead trans- mission, electrical corona/tracking, and bearing defects.

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Compressed gas/air systems are typically running 24/7/365, and leaks don’t go home for the weekend or take a vacation! The typical air leak wastes $300-$700 per year. Let us find them and save you money!

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