Consulting & Training

Our Consulting and Training offerings cover a wide range of topics, including root cause failure analysis, remote data analysis, mentoring and equipment commissioning.


Assist clients in troubleshooting and providing advice in a variety of forms to help solve problems and achieve results. Clients will have access to years of expertise to change something, achieve something, attain something or produce something.

In this image, vibration analysis identified a problem and within 36 hours the bearing had heated the grease to the point of ignition, causing the bearing to seize.

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We provide training on electric motor theory, construction, operation, troubleshooting, pump sizing, application, operation, troubleshooting and maintenance.

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Reduce the learning curve! We can assist and train clients that are starting out with condition monitoring technologies.

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Root Cause Failure Analysis

Root Cause Failure Analysis is the investigative process used to determine the underlying events that led up to a failure. This systematic approach of reviewing all the evidence from a failure in order to determine the root cause that is manageable and prevents reoccurrence. An event triggers the start of the RCFA process, cost of failure, repeated failures, operational interruption or safety and environmental impact.

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Remote Data Analysis

Whether networking with overseas clients, accessing remote data with client in a different state or filling in vacation or vacancy, we can do that!

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Equipment Commissioning

We’ll commission equipment for manufacturers engineering firms, wholesale distributors, mechanical repair companies and more. Companies use these services to verify new/rebuilt equipment is acceptable per design standards.

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