Case Studies

Company A

Large industrial client purchases a facility with intentions to re-engineer and redesign the entire facility. Installed pumps are belt driven ANSI frame 6 pumps with very similar impeller sizes and pump hydraulic curves. Working with the plant engineer we identified the importance of keeping the pumps operating in a stable hydraulic condition at all times. The pumps were part of a system that required internal cleaning of the supply tank and associated system piping and equipment. There were two different operating conditions for each pump with the original design. The new design ensured that the pumps maintained the same discharge pressure during normal process or during cleaning conditions. This in turn reduced the total amount new equipment needing purchased for this project, reduction of spares inventory required to support the installed inventory in their plant.

Company B

Newly installed 200 HP electric motor using variable speed drive on belt drive fan application to reduce the current on startup of the fan. Motor runs for less than 6 months and the motor bearings are growling and very loud. Identify through vibration testing the bearings have electrical fluting problem. Customer installed CoolBLUE inductive absorbers on the output of the variable speed drive to stop the driving force of the electrical discharge. Motor has been in operation for 6 months and no motor bearing problems to date.

Company C

Repeated double mechanical seal failures of ANSI frame 3 end suction centrifugal pump. Multiple different hydraulic operating conditions, multiple different chemicals and severe chemical reaction is normal for this client. Installing a pump without a mechanical seal, the client can run the new pump dry and run it with discharge valve closed without damage the pump.

Company D

New client with poor uptime and production output. We applied multiple condition monitoring technologies to identify the worst actors. Incorporated maintenance staff knowledge of repeated problems with specific machinery, by fixing these bad actors client is able to save money immediately. Air leak survey identified $20k in savings, vibration identifies multiple machines with severe faults, video motion amplification identifies excessive movement of platform and remote sensors are being added to non-accessible machines. Client is in the process of changing from reactive to proactive maintenance approach.

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