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Brands We Work With

Ampco Pumps

Ampco Pumps provides sanitary positive displacement, centrifugal, marine, industrial pumps, mixers, blenders, powder induction industrial equipment covering food, beverage, pharmaceutical, brewing, cellar

AMT Pumps

AMT Pumps specializes in general industry pumping solutions including de-watering, self-priming, transfer, sump pumps, coolant, electric or engine driven

Bijur Delimon

Bijur Delimon supplies industrial lubrication systems and solutions.

Connection Technology Center

Connection Technology Center provides accelerometers, cabling, connectors, switch/junction boxes, online monitoring and 4-20 solutions.


Franzenburg is your leading choice for new decanter, centrifuges and separators along with repairs on EVERY brand of centrifuge.


HRS provides sanitary and industrial heat exchangers, product and process trials, environmental and food processing systems, filling systems, hydraulic piston pumps, serving industrial, environmental, pharmaceutical and food industries.

Halifax Fan

Halifax Fan is a supplier of Industrial and ATEX fans of all sizes and materials of construction with over 50 years of industrial experience.


Halloway provides custom engineered stainless steel pressure vessels, tanks, tank components and equipment, engineering capabilities, polishing, finishing, electroplating, machining and repair covering a broad range of industries.

Polaris Labs

Polaris Labs provides fluid analysis of oil, coolants, grease and fuels. They offer an online store with sampling supplies, different testing packages and online reporting tool.

Russell Finex

Russell Finex is a global supplier and specialists of sieves and filtration equipment and systems. They also offer liquid solid separation, ultrasonic deblending, powder handling and self-cleaning filters.


Sani-Matic serves the food, beverage and pharma market segments with CIP systems, spray balls, in-line strainers, combo/cabinet/tunnel/immersion washers, trending of cleaning cycles, service, startup, replacement parts and tanks.

Sioux Water Heaters

Sioux provides water heaters, water chillers, aggregate/solution heaters, industrial pressure washers, steam generators/cleaners/guns and parts & service

UE Systems Inc.

UE Systems provides rugged ultrasonic test equipment, training and 4-20 solutions.

Waites Wireless

Waites Wireless provides wireless IOT (internet of things) continuous vibration and temperature solutions using cloud based analysis software and storage.

Types of Pumps Represented

Sanitary, Sewage, Trash, Submersible, Self Priming, ANSI, Slurry, Rotary Gear, Air Operated, Column Pumps, High Pressure, High Flow

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